Sports, fitness – not equal to health

Many people are convinced that sports and fitness are health in a complex.

In fact, over the past 15 years of my professional life, as a coach, I have shared these moments. Yes, sports, fitness and health somehow border on each other, but if we analyze in more detail, then these are still different areas.

Sport 1


The concept of modern professional sports is based on achieving the highest possible results, for which the athlete has to pay with his health.

And today, not so much coaches and athletes are fighting for medals, although this is also important, but pharmacological campaigns. An athlete will not be able to enter the international level without taking doping by a pharmaceutical company, which, for example, secretly cooperates with the Olympic team.

At the same time, it is important to understand that athletes’ immunity is always weaker than that of a person who simply leads a healthy lifestyle. Regular training leads to wear and tear of the body systems (immune, endocrine, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, etc.). A person does not have time to recover, and in order to somehow compensate for his strength, he has to use the same doping and special drugs.


The fitness industry became popular in Ukraine in the 2000s. This concept was developed by American marketers as building a beautiful body. That is why there are mirrors in all fitness rooms so that you can track the dynamics of muscle growth or weight loss.

But again, it’s not always about health. Elementary, a person can run on a treadmill and suddenly get a heart attack or knee injury. It is important to understand that if a person does not rely on his own feelings, then any exercise can seriously harm the body.


Sport helth

In the “sport-fitness-health” connection, as a master of sports in martial arts, I focus on health – this is the third component between sports and fitness. My concept of health is based on the presence of energy in the body.

In my understanding, health is a way of life, and in conjunction with sports and fitness, this creates synergy. I think that a person should be engaged in sports by 20%, fitness by 20%, and a healthy lifestyle by 60%. I position sport as a competition with myself, and not with someone. Here is such a philosophy.

It doesn’t matter what your athletic performance is, what your body is, the main thing is that you have enough energy in your body so that your eyes burn and there is a high efficiency (efficiency factor).

Where to get energy?

Everything living around is energy.

Air: the more oxygen in the body, the more healthy our cell is.
The sun as a source of vitamin D: the more we are in the sun, the more alive our cells.
Earth: the more we go out into nature and are saturated with all the elements, the healthier we become.
Communication between people is also a source of energy. There is an environment that inspires and motivates us, and there is a toxic environment that pulls us down, where we degrade and get sick.
Information: receiving information can generate an idea within you in order to implement it.
Process: I recommend that everyone learn to get energy and pleasure during the process, and not just from achieving the result.
Many people think: if I buy a new car, an apartment, get married / get married, have a baby, then I will be happy – this is a delusion. It is necessary in the process to understand that there is a moment “here and now”, and enjoy it.

Energy law: it is important not only to receive, but also to give

If we only receive and do not give anything, then we have stagnation. In this case, a person can get lost in his information, feelings and emotions.

I know from personal experience that the more I give to people, the more energy I receive. My work inspires me. I never tire of her.

In the family – also work, but different. I have two little girls. When I work with them, I also get the most energy, because I am in the “here and now” moment. If your body is here and your thoughts are somewhere else, then you are losing energy.