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If you’re not quite ready to play blackjack for real money yet, or if you just want to play for free, the best way to do that is to hone your skills in our free games below. To play, you do not need to register, provide us with your e-mail or other personal information. Just click on the chip denomination you want to play and click on the deal button.

Introduction to Blackjack

Blackjack is, without a doubt, the most popular table game of chance, both at the tables of land-based casinos and among table games in online casinos. But blackjack, like any other gambling game, has a certain set of rules that must be followed in order to play this game correctly and in the end stay in the black against the casino. Many casinos make a lot of money off players who don’t know how to play blackjack very well, and if you are one of those players, take some time to understand the purpose and rules of this game.

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The Goal of Blackjack

In addition to the croupier, from 1 to 7 players can take part in the game of blackjack. However, each of them plays against the croupier, regardless of the other players at the table. In order to win the hand, the sum of the player’s hand must be 21 or closer to this number than the sum of the dealer’s hand, but without busting. A hand that scores more than 21 points is considered dead and loses the bet.

Card Value

The value of the player’s hand, as well as the dealer’s hand, is the sum of the face value of the cards it consists of. All picture cards, including the king, queen and jack, have a value of 10. Cards from 2 to 10 have a value according to the number. The Ace can be played as 1 or 11, depending on how it makes up the best hand. If an ace is played as 11, then it is considered “soft”, but if it is played as 1, then it is called “hard”. The difference is that on a soft hand you can’t bust if you draw another picture card, on the other hand a hard hand can potentially bust. You can get a better idea of the blackjack gameplay by playing the game below, which is one of the many non-downloadable games of chance that we have on our site.

Game process

Before the start of the game, all players must place bets. Each player, including the croupier, receives two cards, face up or face down. After that, each of the players is given the opportunity to make a ‘hit’, that is, to take one more card in the hope of improving their hand. Alternatively, a player may choose to play “stay” and not draw any additional cards, this is also sometimes referred to as a fold. The dealer most often continues to draw cards until he hits a hand in the form of a solid 16. The dealer must stop when he hits 17.

Black Jack

The blackjack bonus is exactly where this game takes its name from. Blackjack is when the first two cards the player (or dealer) receives are an ace and a picture card, which will equal 21. On average, this lucky hand will come up about once every 20 hands. Blackjack guarantees that the player will win the hand, and also gives a payout of 3:2 instead of the standard 1:1 if the dealer does not have a blackjack at the same time as the player. In the case of a tie, all the chips that the player put on that hand will remain in the box and the hand will be considered a draw.

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Split pairs is a situation that can occur in the first round of the game if a player has a hand of two identical cards. If this happens, then the player may choose to split these cards into two different hands and play each of them separately. However, another bet will need to be made on the second hand and depending on the casino, the player will be able to make several splits in a row, up to 3 or 4, if he continues to get the same cards. The exception to this rule will be two aces, to which the player can take only one additional card after the split.


A double is doubling your bet on your first two cards. However, it is worth remembering that when you use this option, you can only take one more card after the bet. This option is advised to use if you have a hand that cannot be busted or the dealer has a hand that he can easily bust with.


A surrender is when you decide not to continue in a hand with a bad hand before you even draw another card. Not all casinos allow players to use this option. If you choose to surrender, you are giving away half of your original bet, however in some cases it may be better than losing everything.


Insurance is offered in the event that the croupier has received an ace in the open. You can deposit half of your original bet as insurance in case the dealer hits a blackjack. The insurance will pay out to you at 2:1 odds if the dealer actually hits a blackjack.