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Blackjack is a relatively simple game, but even if you don’t plan to wager real money, read the basic information and rules beforehand. Blackjack is played with a standard deck of French playing cards. The number of decks may vary depending on the version of the game, but in most cases one to eight decks are used.

Each card has its own value:

  • Cards from two to ten – from 2 to 10 points, respectively.
  • J, Q and K equal 10 points.
  • An ace is equal to 1 or 11 points.
  • The goal of each round is to collect more points than the dealer, but not more than 21.

During the game, players can either ask the dealer to give another card (hit) or stay with what they have by telling the dealer “enough” (stand). Players who score 22 or more points automatically lose (bust). If you have not lost, the dealer enters the game. Usually the dealer must stop as soon as he scores 17 or more points (the rules may differ in different versions of the game), regardless of the cards in the hands of the players.

Side bets in blackjack 3

If the dealer loses, the player is considered the winner, but on condition that he did not lose before the dealer himself. If none of them lost, then the winner is determined by counting the points in the hands of each. You can win double your placed bet, return (in case of a tie), or lose your bet (if the dealer has more points than you).

When a blackjack (combination of ace and tens of any suit) falls out, the amount is paid out 2.5 times more than the bet made by the player. The exception is when the dealer also has blackjack. This situation is called a draw, in which case the amount wagered is simply returned to the player.

Note: These rules are generalized and simplified, but they are enough to play non-monetary blackjack and enjoy the process. However, it is good to study the detailed blackjack rules and read about the types of blackjack as the rules are slightly different in each game. Beginners will also benefit from an article called “How to play blackjack”.

Learn Basic Blackjack Strategy Before Playing for Real Money

Playing blackjack effectively requires some knowledge and practice. Free blackjack games that do not require wagering real money allow players to master the so-called basic blackjack strategy and reach the maximum theoretical RTP value.

The maximum payout ratio differs depending on the rules of each particular version of blackjack, but you must know what to do in each situation in order to reach this ratio. The best way to play is detailed in our article on basic blackjack strategy.

However, this is not about how to count cards or other “tricks” that allow you to beat the casino, but about how to make the right decisions and minimize the advantage of the casino. If this topic interests you, read our article on blackjack card counting. However, remember that the described strategies cannot be used in games that do not include real money bets.

Note: The ability to count cards makes blackjack one of the few casino games where the advantage can be on the player’s side. Of course, the casino does not like it. Therefore, if a player is suspected of counting cards, he is asked to leave the establishment. There are other measures that make card counting difficult or impossible. In an online casino, it only makes sense to count cards in blackjack if you are playing with a live dealer. In any case, this strategy is unlikely to succeed due to constant shuffling and changing decks.

Side bets in blackjack

Side bets in blackjack 4
Many casinos and game providers offer a variety of side bets that add spice to blackjack, but generally increase the house edge. A side bet is made in addition to the main bet.

The most common side bet is the so-called “21+3” bet. It allows you to win an amount that exceeds the size of the bet several times, while the multiplier is determined by the player’s two cards and the dealer’s open card. The maximum win is brought by a combination of three cards of the same suit with the same value (for example, three queens of clubs).

The types of side bets available to players at real and virtual blackjack tables around the world are different, but they all have something in common – the RTP of the game is lower with them than without them. To play with the maximum RTP, we advise you not to make side bets. However, some players may like them as they also increase the volatility of the game. Only one thing can be said for sure – side bets can and should be made in free blackjack.

Free blackjack for mobile devices

To date, only some casino games are available in the mobile version. This also applies to blackjack games from our database. Mobile users can see available blackjack games using the Mobile Casinos filter.