Where to start veganism

A vegan diet is a completely plant-based diet. All aspects of veganism are important, but one is still more important, because the largest number of animals are exploited and killed for food production. Food is the most important part of our life and it is worth starting with it.

Vegans and vegans do not consume products derived from animals, including cows, pigs, chickens or other birds, fish, shellfish and crustaceans, dairy products, eggs, honey and anything that has them as ingredients.
Given the wide variety of plant-based foods and recipes available, from simple to very complex, there is no reason to use animals for food.


what should i do right now?

Eliminate all animal products from the diet. May your next meal be vegan!
If the decision to switch to veganism overtook you suddenly, we suggest you use the following scheme for compiling your first vegan diet:

1) Think about what vegan meals you already eat.
It can be stew, lobio, potatoes with mushrooms, pasta with different sauces, cream soups. Think of a few of these.

2) Most of the usual dishes can be made vegan:
Pilaf can be made with mushrooms and legumes, scrambled eggs made from chickpea flour, and vegan cutlets can be made in 100 different types for every taste and color!

3) Now that you are not dying of hunger, you can start exploring the whole variety of vegan cuisine. And don’t forget seasonal vegetables! Vegans also need vitamins.

You can find thousands of recipes anywhere you like, but we especially recommend these resources:
Veganna – Asian cuisine, pastries and unstoppable fantasy.
Mikhail Vegan is a channel about how easy it is to cook delicious and sometimes healthy food.

And don’t forget that many apparently harmless products may contain ingredients of animal origin. To avoid buying such products, read the ingredients.

Clothes, shoes, household items

Before going vegan, we may not realize how deeply animal exploitation is woven into our daily lives. With leather shoes and accessories, fur coats and sheepskin coats, everything is more or less obvious, but there are dozens of other things: products of animal exploitation can be found in your favorite family blanket, and in an old jacket, and in socks knitted by your beloved grandmother. Any non-vegan animal materials, including wool and silk.

These things will have to be abandoned. It may not be easy, but if we give animals the status of persons and not things, we must not continue to use products of abuse against them.

Of course, we understand that few people can afford to completely update their wardrobe and bedding in one sitting. There is nothing to worry about: if you do not have the financial ability to do it right away, just do it when the opportunity arises.

Warm clothes and shoes made of synthetic and vegetable materials can be found in almost any store today. We have collected some of them on our website.

If you live in a harsh climate, we advise you to pay attention to winter jackets with new synthetic insulations, such as Thinsulate and DuPont.

The topic of wearing animal clothes is controversial even in the vegan community. Some argue their reluctance to quickly replace the clothes with the fact that if you throw it away, it will turn out that the animals “died in vain.” But after all they and so died in vain. Nowadays there is no need to exploit and kill animals. Continuing to wear parts of their bodies even after going vegan is perhaps the worst way to honor their memory.

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Cosmetics and household chemicals

Many personal care products, such as toothpaste, shampoo, lotions, make-up, and household products, also contain animal ingredients. In addition, these products may be tested on animals.

To check if cosmetics are tested on animals, you can go to the State Register website fp.crc.ru/evrazes, enter the brand name and view testing methods.

Unfortunately, all household chemicals in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus are tested on animals without fail. The exceptions are handmade products, such as ELSKA and Golodny Goblin, which can be purchased at vegan stores.

Read more about vegan cosmetics and household chemicals.


Unfortunately, all medicines are tested on animals, therefore not vegan. Many of them also contain animal components. But you still need to be treated!

what should i do right now?

We recently discussed this topic in a separate article.

Animal Entertainment and Animal Buying
Vegans and vegans do not attend circuses, dolphinariums and aquariums, rodeos, bullfights or any other event where animals are used for entertainment.