An Eventful Day at Work Today

It has been a very eventful day here. It started out with this guy in one of the bungalows asking me about cheap escorts in Las Vegas and obviously I get to know things like this. I am the guy who finds what the guests need or want and this is the sort of things male guests often ask us about. I get a kickback to be honest and there is not any point in not doing this. I do not make enough money at my job and I am looking for ways to increase my pay. At any rate the guy apparently found what he was looking for and then soon after I realized that he was being followed around. I did not say anything, even though I was pretty sure that the guy following him was not a sworn officer. He looked like he was way too heavy to pass the physical for a police force or a federal law enforcement bureau. He was at least sixty or seventy pounds overweight and clearly not in the shape to be chasing shoplifters through back alleys.

At any rate I was not the only one who could figure stuff out and later on there ended up being police in the lobby. The guy who was being followed apparently got in behind the one trailing him and jumped him. It was a real good thing for him that the other guy was a private investigator, but unfortunately for him another guest was an off duty police officer from Oklahoma and he got involved. All of them ended up with a few bruises and scrapes, but other than that it was all just rather embarrassing. The police knew I was the one to talk to and so I told them what they needed to know, which was nothing they could not figure out alone.