Planning A Wedding Reception And Setting Up Catering Services

In Singapore, wedding receptions are planned along with the ceremony through a wedding planner. The event requires the couple to choose a dining style and selections for the current menu. The services enable the couple to control the total cost of their event based on each selection. A local catering service provides a wide assortment of menu options for all wedding receptions.

Choosing the Dining Style

The dining style for the wedding reception is a major decision for couples. It determines if the wedding reception will require a waitstaff and determines how guests are served. A buffet-style dining opportunity allows guests to navigate through a buffet line and choose the foods they want.

Considering All Menu Selections

When reviewing the menu selections, the couple should consider which types of cuisines they want to offer their guests. Standard catering services provide international and Asian choices primarily. However, the event planner could help the couple find a wider assortment of choices to accommodate all guests. Any guests who face dietary restrictions must be accommodated, too. The dietary restrictions could apply to a medical condition or religious faith.

Renting Seating Options

Local catering services provide seating and table rentals for wedding receptions. Couples who rent the seating options coordinate with the catering service and other vendors reserved for the event. Typically, the catering service sets up the reception prior to the end of the wedding ceremony. If the couple has chosen a buffet, the caterers set up tables for the food selections after the seating options are ready.

Cocktails and Refreshing Beverages

Catering services may also offer cocktails and other alcoholic beverages for the wedding reception. The couple must determine if they want an open bar for their reception or if they want to restrict the amount of alcohol served. A more simplified affair may provide a champagne toast only.

In Singapore, wedding receptions require couples to make certain choices about the event. First, they must choose a dining style and determine if they want food served at the tables or allow the guest to choose their own food. Next, they must rent seating for the event. Couples who want to learn more about the services provided by a caterer contact the best buffet catering service in Singapore right now.