3 Reasons to Take the Family to a Bronx Mini Golf Course

Today’s family often struggles to find time to spend together. During the week the agenda is filled with school, work, and sports commitments. When the weekend comes, it’s tough to figure out things to do that everyone will enjoy and so oftentimes, the days are wasted with everyone plugged into their favorite type of technology. If the time has come to get the family out of the house to spend time together, a Bronx mini golf course is the ideal backdrop for the afternoon.

Golf Encourages Creative Thinking

At each hole, a mini golf course has a new challenge for participants. Sometimes it is a simple hill that needs to be overcome. Other times it is a corner that must be passed in order to get to the end of the level. Either way, everyone in the group needs to figure out the best method for getting the best score. Each family member has an opportunity to try out his or her method and keep track of the success. This is something that doesn’t always happen at home with the television on.

Golf Has a Level of Competition

As the challenges are met, many families begin to take on the opportunity to compete against the others participating. Each person is trying to come out on top, despite the various challenges. It’s easy to cheer the successes and laugh at the mistakes while everyone is looking for the win. This is a great way to spend the afternoon, working hard to win something fun that doesn’t seem to serious.

Golf Gets Families Talking

It’s impossible to participate in a game of mini golf without talking. With each hole, there is something different to look forward to. Families end up talking about the creating thinking required at each stop. They compare notes and make comments about how things may turn out. This conversation comes easily and everyone is included. There aren’t always a lot of opportunities to do this at home. At the same time, the competition adds another level of conversation that keeps everyone interacting throughout the afternoon. The time spent together is enjoyable and often, families look forward to a repeat visit to the local mini golf course.